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The Bluetooth beacons technology

Enables precise positioning of visitors in the museum

Locating visitors with the accuracy of up to 1 meter

The content is automatically displayed
when the user approaches it at a certain distance


Creating an interactive plan of the museum

Exhibits content management

Why is BLE better for navigation indoors,
compared to GPS, WiFi, or RFID?


  • No support for mobile devices
  • Expensive equipment for reading RFID tags


  • It doesn't work indoors without additional equipment
  • High power consumption by a mobile device
  • Does not detect the floor number
  • Locating error up to 15 meters

Wi-Fi navigation

  • It is impossible to determine the exact location
  • Expensive infrastructure
  • Lack of iOS support (Apple mobile devices)

Bluetooth LE:

  • Low power consumption
  • Low cost of equipment
  • Support for most mobile devices
  • High accuracy of location up to 1-2 meters

Why smartphones are better needs no explanation

The LocalGeo technology

Astrum Beacon:

  • Bluetooth beacons
  • Certified in the Russian Federation
  • Prolonged independent operation
  • Low cost
  • Stable characteristics

Mobile applications:

  • iOS and Android support
  • Navigation indoors
  • Geo-context presentation of information
  • Intuitive interface

Server applications:

  • Push server
  • Multimedia server
  • Ad server
  • Navigation server


  • Premises editor
  • Exhibits editor
  • Beacons binding
  • Linking and uploading the content


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